"Thank you for all of your tips to use currently and in the future as I continue through my breastfeeding journey."

-- Rebecca, Bridgewater (10/2021)

"Dana took the time to really understand my needs and concerns. She made me feel positive about our breastfeeding journey." 

-- Lillian, Milford (10/2021)

"Working with Anna today was a game changer. I was very skeptical about being able to successfully breastfeed, and by the end of the session, I looked forward to it. Her demeanor and expertise gave me a lot of confidence, and also made me comfortable asking all kinds of questions. I feel that I now have a great partner in my breastfeeding journey." 

-- Caitlin, Bridgewater (9/2021)

"I loved Anna's kind and encouraging approach, and felt that I was getting excellent guidance and information from her as well." 

-- Manisha, Flemington (9/2021)


"Dana was very helpful, informative and definitely cared about mine and my daughter's success in breastfeeding. I am very grateful!"

-- Sarah, Dunellen (9/2021)


"Even as a second-time mom with nursing experience, it was super helpful to have hands-on assistance in my first days home as I establish a new nursing relationship!" 

--  Cindy, Hillsborough (8/2021)


"I thought she was very insightful and provided lots of support and tips. I liked that she wasn't judgemental on any of the choices I've made so far regarding feeding."

-- Alison, Branchburg (7/2021)

"Dana was super knowledgeable and supportive in her coaching. She is a great asset and we would highly recommend her to anyone on their breastfeeding journey. " 

-- Meghan, Somerville (7/2021)


"Dana is absolutely amazing!"

-- Rebeka, Branchburg (7/2021)


"It was a great experience. Dana gave amazing suggestions that helped instantly and also provided me with additional follow up support. She also answered all of my questions and made the whole experience great! I would strongly recommend Branchburg Lactation. " 

-- Lizette, Somerville (7/2021)


"Very helpful! Dana was great!"  -- Brianna, Hillsborough (7/2021)


"Anna was wonderful and easy to talk to. She was gentle and kind. I would recommend her to any mom needing support." 

-- Jessica, Ringoes (6/2021)


"Anna was wonderful from the start. She immediately made me feel comfortable and supported in my breastfeeding journey. She provided helpful suggestions and advice that addressed my concerns. She was prompt, friendly, professional, and authentically engaged with every member of my family. My toddler daughter even asked when the 'nice lady' could come back to help us give milk to her baby brother. Anna was also timely with sending a follow up email that night. This included everything we discussed with videos and links to resources. I look forward to following up with Anna on the suggestions she gave and how it has helped us in this process. " 

-- Shannon, Flemington (6/2021)


"I was feeling so down and discouraged about our breastfeeding journey when I was unable to breastfeed from the start due to waiting for bloodwork for almost 2 weeks. Thankfully, Dana came to my house and taught me a few things and all of her encouraging words really boosted my spirits. I now am looking forward to this journey with my baby and am so grateful for Dana and Branchburg Lactation." 

-- Anonymous (6/2021)


"Invaluable help from Dana. As somebody who struggled hugely with baby #1, I really wanted professional help this time round. I still imagine I will have problems but not to the same extent. "

-- Sarah, Annandale (6/2021)


"My appointment with Dana and Anna gave me the confidence I needed to breastfeed my baby. They were very caring and informative." 

-- Kat, Somerville (6/2021)


"I've had a tough time figuring out breastfeeding and Anna and Dana have been very kind and informative. Not only that but they never made me feel inadequate for just not getting it and have been so patient and helpful with all my follow up questions." 

-- Amanda, Bernardsville (5/2021)


"It was a very easy, informative appointment. We have a lot of confidence in Dana and her knowledge."

-- Wylmarie, Green Brook (5/2021)


"Dana and Heather were amazing! Any mom having issues with breastfeeding needs to see them! They are a godsend. They gave advice on pumps, bottles, the feeding process and timing. They explained how effective latching is achieved and examined the baby for tongue tie. Answered all my questions and even followed up afterwards." 

-- Mila, Pittstown (5/2021)


"It was fantastic! They were very kind, informative, helpful and made you feel extremely comfortable."

-- Jill, Ringoes (5/2021)


"The visit was SO helpful. My daughter made so much progress within just the first 5 minutes of her being here." 

-- Emily, Flemington (5/2021)


"Dana Lauducci at Branchburg Lactation was an excellent resource - so kind and answered all of my questions! She was so understanding and didn't make me feel judged or wasn't pushy like some lactation consultants I have met in the past. The scale she used was so helpful and gave me comfort knowing my baby is getting the nutrition he needs."  -- Felicia, Martinsville (4/2021)


"Excellent session, great consultant!"

-- Tiffany, Dunellen (4/2021)


"It was wonderful to meet with Branchburg Lactation! It was so helpful to hear the expert opinion and come up with a plan. Everyone should do this if they have any breastfeeding questions or concerns and are able!"

-- Lisa, Hillsborough (4/2021)


"They made me feel at ease and gave me piece of mind in feeding my daughter."

-- Alyssa, Somerville (4/2021)


"Session was helpful. Lots of good information was shared regarding what is considered normal. Also additional tips on breastfeeding positions and bottle feeding were provided." 

-- Lisa, Bridgewater (3/2021)


"Incredible experience. I feel so much more confident in my ability to establish breastfeeding and maintain a good supply. The consultants were respectful, helpful, and very knowledgeable. It was a delight to have them in our home." 

-- Anonymous (3/2021)


"Dana was amazing! She was very calm and patient explaining different positions, evaluating the feeding session and answering all of our questions. We are so glad to have contacted her and had her come for a consultation. " 

-- Natalia, Somerset (3/2021)


"I really appreciate how quickly they were able to respond and make a home visit. It was very helpful to find out exactly how much the baby ate at a single feeding session by weighing her on a scale. It was knowledgeable to go over the type of feeding bottles that are good for babies. The demonstrations on feeding with a nursing pillow provided a great support."

-- Anonymous (3/2021)


"Anna and Dana were very enthusiastic and attentive to my baby and my needs. They addressed all of my concerns and were very knowledgeable."

-- Paula, Green Brook (3/2021)


"Amazing experience, thank you so much!"

-- Patty, Raritan (3/2021)


"I found the consultation to be both helpful and realistic. I feel more confident to continue breastfeeding."

-- Anonymous (3/2021)


"The visit gave me a lot of hope that we can overcome the challenges we are facing and get on the right track with breastfeeding."

-- Angela, Lambertville (2/2021)


"I'm so glad I found Dana and reached out to her! She scheduled my appointment very quickly (I emailed her on a Friday and heard back from her within an hour to set an appointment for Monday). I was really surprised by how much we covered in just one hour, and within an hour of our session ending, she sent me a follow up email with all of the information written down (plus links to educational videos!). I was so impressed with her knowledge as well as her overall supportive attitude and guidance. I highly recommend reaching out to Dana if you have any concerns or questions about breastfeeding!"

-- Jill, Somerville (2/2021)


"Dana is very personable and knowledgeable. Felt very confident with the info she shared as well as the advice given." 

-- Catia, Flemington (1/2021)

"Dana was extremely responsive and accomodating. During my visit, Anna was wonderful, very helpful and encouraging. Just what I needed to boost my confidence and improve my breastfeeding experience. Thank you both!" 

-- Devin, Middlesex (1/2021)



"Excellent listening to all my questions and concerns, thoughtful and informed answers and feedback. Wonderful, educational and helpful experience all around."

-- Abby, Bernardsville (11/2020)

"Very happy! Wish I talked to you sooner!"

-- Jenn, Bedminster (11/2020)


"Dana was a wonderful help. She was professional, friendly, and calm in the way she helped us! We were concerned we couldn't breastfeed and she made it possible."

-- Sarah, Bound Brook (11/2020)

"The appointment was easy to get. Very knowledgeable and helpful with our specific needs and challenges. I felt heard and grateful at the end of the visit. Very grateful!" 

-- Brittany, Flemington (11/2020)


"My experience has been excellent. Everyone I've met has been friendly, knowledgeable and supportive which is exactly what every new mom needs!"

-- Lauren, South Bound Brook (10/2020)


"Very knowledgeable and thorough. Took their time to assess as well as provide feedback while going through their assessment for improvements. Great recommendations as well for both mom and baby." -- Anonymous (10/2020)


"Dana was very knowledgeable and had great bedside manner. Love the fact that she came to my home and reviewed everything including baby's birth weight, latch, tongue/lip tie, bottle feeding, nipple shields, and pumping. She responds to emails quickly and offered follow-up appointments at a discount."

-- Shannon, Raritan (10/2020)


"Dana was so helpful with my first two babies that I reached out again when my third was born. She was amazing and supportive, as usual, taking the time to work carefully with me and troubleshoot the nursing issues I was having. I cannot thank Dana enough adn highly recommend her, whether for a first time mom or otherwise!"

-- Krystyna, Readington (9/2020)


"Dana was SO helpful! She put my mind at ease with her confidence and knowledge on how to deal with and proceed with my daughter's issues so we can help her to nurse effectively." 

-- Esther, Warren (9/2020)


"Great to work with and helped provide me lots of reassurance. Made sure that I had all the information and went through all the items multiple times so I didn't forget anything. Overall excellent!"

-- Anonymous (9/2020)


"Dana and Anna were a pleasure to meet with. They were very professional and provided me with helpful information that gave me the confidence I needed to continue breastfeeding."

-- Diana, Bridgewater (9/2020)


"Dana was wonderful! I appreciated her approach to navigating the challenges of breastfeeding and pumping. I'm more motivated to keep working at it!"

-- Dana, Bridgewater (9/2020)

"So helpful and necessary to give me the confidence and information needed to be successful with navigating my breastfeeding journey."

-- Vivienne, Readington (8/2020)

"Dana and Anna made it a low-stress learning environment that allowed me to get comfortable with the technique."

-- Anonymous (7/2020)


"Dana made me feel super comfortable right from the get go! She was very knowledgeable and helped me feel comfortable about going back to work and having to pump." 

-- Anonymous (7/2020)


"I had many concerns with breastfeeding my preemie daughter. All of them were addressed and I was left feeling confident in my ability to fulfill her needs." 

-- Megan, Bridgewater (6/2020)


"Anna and Dana were extremely helpful and very caring towards me and my baby. Their approach is extremely gentle and made me feel very comfortable during a time that can be a bit overwhelming for me." 

-- Geraldine, Basking Ridge (6/2020)


"We felt in the best hands!! Thank you for your empowering help that was very professional and at the same time so incredibly warm!"

-- Julie, Morristown (6/2020)


"Dana rules. Don't go to anyone else."

-- Olesia, Raritan (6/2020)


"Dana and Anna were incredibly helpful. Dana scheduled us quickly and addressed all of our concerns. Our pediatrician brushed off our concerns previously but Dana addressed everything. She recommended specialists to look further into issues. I was very close to throwing in the towel when it comes to breastfeeding but after our visit, I have a renewed confidence in our journey."

-- Becky, High Bridge (6/2020)

"The consult was very encouraging and supportive and has helped build my confidence to continue on this journey."

-- Jacqueline, Lebanon (4/2020)


"Dana and Anna were amazing! My 2 week old was struggling with breastfeeding and I was starting to get upset that she was not getting it right away. Dana and Anna provided amazing information and tips on positioning and how to help my baby latch. We had an amazing session and my daughter breastfed beautifully. Our appointment was early in the morning, and my daughter continued to breastfeed throughout the day consistently as I used the tips they provided, and they worked! It was very promising. They also assisted with breast pump information, diet, and more. I felt very comfortable and they came to my house which was very natural and convenient. I absolutely recommend them!" 

-- Susan, Somerset (3/2020)


"I had a wonderful experience with Branchburg Lactation. Both Anna and Dana were very caring and helpful, giving me the perfect guidance on how I should have my baby positioned to breastfeed more effectively, without the use of a nipple shield. Also, I really appreciated the guidance on pumping as well!" 

-- Juliana, Bedminster (3/2020)

"Dana and Anna were wonderful. They were thorough explaining everything and answering my questions and concerns."

-- Anonymous (3/2020)

"Dana and Anna made me feel very comfortable and supported in my efforts to breastfeed. They were knowledgeable and gave great tips to help ensure successful feedings. They also had a wealth of contacts to help support my little one's development in our breastfeeding journey."

-- Alyssa, Branchburg (2/2020)


"Dana was very helpful in providing guidance and next steps to aid me in being able to breastfeed my baby." 

-- Ashley, Hillsborough (2/2020)

"Was very happy with their help. I wish I had that knowledge in the hospital."

-- Anonymous (2/2020)


"Amazing! I saw improvements the same day! My baby, sleep, and marriage are all benefitting from these improvements. I went from crying and anxious while feeding my baby to calm and confident. She is sleeping two hours at a time on the first night. I couldn't even put her down for two minutes in the bassinet before!" 

--Angela, Somerset (1/2020)


"Both Dana and Anna were knowledgeable, compassionate, and nurturing. They answered my questions beyond breastfeeding, and made me feel so much more confident as a new mom. Highly recommend their personalized and gentle approaches to making moms feel more comfortable with breastfeeding!" 

-- Doris, Branchburg (1/2020)


"I thought Dana came super prepared with her own supplies and information. She was extremely attentive and upfront and honest."

-- Jenn, Somerset (12/2019)


"Having Dana come to our home was a great experience! She answered all of our questions and is available via email for any additional concerns. I would highly recommend Branchburg Lactation to all new mothers. " 

-- Allison, Tewksbury (12/2019)


"Dana was fantastic. She was professional, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and supportive."

-- Stephanie, Somerville (12/2019)


"Dana was great! She was so easy to work with and was very encouraging. She answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease when I expressed my concerns."

-- Taylor, Manville (11/2019)

"She was very warm and comforting with my baby girl and knowledgeable with our issues!"

-- Morgan, Phillipsburg (10/2019)


"Dana was amazing! So knowledgeable and was a great resource for all questions and making sure that we're on the right track for our breastfeeding!"

-- Bre, Annandale (10/2019)


"I can't thank you enough for everything. You gave me so much reassurance and confidence. It was a pleasure!" 

-- Ali, Ringoes (9/2019)


"I was really frustrated knowing my son was capable of nursing and that I could produce milk, but him not ever seeming to eat a full meal and most feeding sessions being a fight. I knew something was not right and that feeding every two hours like the doctor wanted was not sustainable or helping. Dana validated my concerns and made me feel sane again confirming my suspicion that there was a larger, but fixable, issue causing feeding trouble. I also felt much better when Dana weighed the baby before and after feeding to confirm that he was in fact extracting milk from the breast since my son seems to eat very slowly and it is often hard to tell if he is still hungry." 

-- Rachel, Branchburg (8/2019)


"After two weeks of trying to figure out breastfeeding on my own, I am so grateful I made the call to Dana. She helped guide me through all my concerns and made me feel at ease during our first consultation. We already can't wait to meet with her again for our follow-up!"

-- Danielle, Branchburg (8/2019)

"Dana was very professional and helpful!"

-- Maeve, Bridgewater (8/2019)


"Dana was spectacular and very professional."

-- Jessica, Raritan (7/2019)


"She always makes me feel relieved that I was doing my best! She is so knowledgeable and understanding. Always makes me feel more relaxed and confident in my nursing abilities with both of my sons!"

-- Cassandra, Califon (7/2019)


"So glad I called! I'm eager to try out Dana's suggestions."

-- Michelle, Bridgewater (6/2019)


"We were very pleased with our consultation and thankful we found Dana! Her evaluation was very thorough and she provided us a lot of good information and recommendations."

-- Anonymous (6/2019)


"Dana was very professional and easily answered all of my questions. Her service was greatly appreciated and she helped boost my confidence in breastfeeding."

-- Anonymous (5/2019)


"Everything was great!" 

-- Kierstyn, Stockton (5/2019)


"Dana was amazing! She listened to my concerns and gave me great advice that worked." 

-- Stacie, Clinton (5/2019)

"Dana was knowledgeable and supportive in helping resolve my breastfeeding concerns. She did a thorough evaluation of both mother and baby. She provided great advice for my concerns. I look forward to following up with her if I have any more questions."

-- Amber, Glen Gardner (5/2019)

"Dana was amazing and I know I have the ability to bond with my baby and be calm about breastfeeding."

-- Anonymous (4/2019)


"Dana helped answer all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. I'm glad I reached out to her and feel a lot more prepared to take on my breastfeeding journey with baby #2!"

-- Erika, Martinsville (3/2019)

"Very easy to schedule, extremely knowledgeable and knowledgeable without being overbearing."

-- Michelle, Martinsville (3/2019)

"It was really helpful and encouraging."

-- Lindsay, Somerville (3/2019)


"I just wanted to let you know that breastfeeding is going really well now. Jaxson is 11 weeks on Tuesday and is over 14 pounds now. You really helped me... us. I was really struggling but really wanting to breastfeed and you gave me hope when I had lost so much already! So thank you. Your line of work is priceless."

-- Lauren, Somerset (3/2019)


"Helped to calm my new-mom nerves about breastfeeding challenges. Priceless support!"

-- Anonymous (3/2019)


"Dana was very helpful. She was informative and answered all my questions. Nice manners and very knowledgeable." 

-- Ina, Somerset (2/2019)

"Dana was friendly and caring. She was incredibly knowledgeable and offered new tips, even though I have breastfed two prior babies! 

-- Sarah, PIttstown (2/2019)

"Dana was professional, comfortable, and knowledgable. She was able to come to my home the same day that I contacted her and was very flexible and calming. She was direct with her guidance yet still friendly and kind. I would recommend her to friends struggling to establish breastfeeding." 

-- Lauren, Flemington (1/2019)



"Dana saved my breastfeeding journey for my first son. I had her come in as soon as my second was born to prevent damage and struggles. She's a fantastic investment!"

--Anonymous (12/2018)


"Dana was professional, approachable and answered all of our questions. She made us feel comfortable and helped us anticipate any concerns. " 

-- Jessica, Branchburg (11/2018)

"Dana was very knowledgeable and helpful! She was able to assess my baby's feeding while providing tips to improve her latch. Dana also gave me great strategies to help heal my cracked nipples." 

-- Anonymous (10/2018)


"Dana was so kind and reaffirming in her words and actions. Her knowledge and gentle instruction were so helpful, especially in regard to premature babies." 

-- Claire, Bridgewater (10/2018)

"Dana was fantastic and really helped ease my mind of worries."

-- Caitlin, Somerville (10/2018)


"Dana made me feel incredibly comfortable and it helped that I was in my own home. She acknowledged the concerns and fears that I have and she did everything to reassure me. I feel so much better after having met with Dana."

-- Kim, Hillsborough (10/2018)


"Dana was amazing! She took the time to get to know me, my situation, and my daughter. It was wonderful to get one-on-one support and to truly feel like someone cares about what is going on with my breastfeeding. Dana offered great advice, solutions, and tips while still making me feel like I'm doing a good job."

-- Hillary, Bridgewater (10/2018)


"Dana was very informative and professional!" 

-- Katelyn, Martinsville (10/2018)

"I appreciate your willingness to patiently wait while I completed a full nursing session with baby. I didn't feel rushed and felt comfortable to ask a lot of good questions."

-- Katie, Bridgewater (9/2018)


"Dana is very knowledgeable and uses what she observes to provide beneficial feedback. She was able to confirm my son's tongue tie and provide information to help us understand it more and next steps. Overall, I found the information throughout the session to be very helpful and educational! I do appreciate your patience and willingness to explain, teach and answer questions. First time moms or repeat moms alike will find reassurance and confidence in breastfeeding after meeting with her!"  -- Reena, Flemington (9/2018)

"Dana was very warm, welcoming and expressed non-biased constructive coaching. I was very comfortable with her."

--Angie, Lebanon (9/2018)


"Dana was very helpful. She answered all of my questions and made me comfortable. She seemed very knowledgeable about premature babies and how they breastfeed."

--Anonymous (9/2018)

"Dana was professional, warm, and incredibly helpful with advice, hands-on demonstration and gentle encouragement. I feel so much more empowered and capable of breastfeeding! Thank you so much!"

-- Rayna, Somerville (9/2018)

"Dana was great! She made me feel so much better on this breastfeeding journey."

-- Kim, Bridgewater (9/2018)


"Dana was very easy to work with and made me feel comfortable during our session. "

--Anonymous (8/2018)


"Dana was very thorough and explained everything so that it was easily understood. She provided options without making you feel obligated to do one thing versus another. It was so nice to be able to ask all the questions I had without feeling rushed, like I often feel at the pediatrician's office." 

-- Anonymous (8/2018)


"Five days into motherhood and breastfeeding, Dana was able to put some of my concerns at ease and also to draw attention to a few issues I didn't notice (e.g. nipple damage) that will ultimately enhance the breastfeeding experience for me and my son."

-- Tina, Bridgewater (7/2018)

"Thank God for Dana!" 

-- Jen, HIllsborough (7/2018)

"Dana was very knowledgeable and helpful at our consultation."

-- Samantha, Branchburg (7/2018)

"Dana was wonderful and so helpful!"

-- Tracy, Hillsborough (7/2018)

"Dana is the best! It was because of her that I was able to breastfeed my first baby for 15 months. I just had my second and Dana gave me a tune-up and I feel confident that I will be just as successful with baby number 2!"

-- Allison, Far Hills (6/2018)


"Meeting with Dana was absolutely wonderful! She was incredibly kind and helpful, and I feel fantastic about moving forward with nursing my daughter. " 

-- Alex, Branchburg (5/2018)


"It was so nice to have the session in the privacy and comfort of my own home! Dana was very thorough, checking my daughter for any mouth issues, and weighing her before and after feeding. She has also been super quick in responding to emails to answer any questions I've had."

-- Katie, Bridgewater (4/2018)


"Dana made me feel very comfortable; having the consultation in my own home was wonderful!"

-- Anonymous (4/2018)

"When I was at the hospital, I was very disappointed and frustrated with the lactation consultant on call as she made me feel guilty about giving my newborn formula and introducing bottle feeding so early. Thus, I was a bit nervous to meet Dana, considering my previous experience. Luckily, my experience with Dana was the complete opposite of my in-hospital encounter.  Dana was patient, reassuring, and even provided me with a reason behind my newborn's inability to latch properly, a possible tongue tie and lip tie. Not one person offered details previously regarding these issues and next steps for getting a true diagnosis and treatment. I plan to follow up with a pediatric dentist and get additional support. I am grateful to Dana for her patience and support as my newborn and I continue to work through our breastfeeding issues to make sure that both mother and child are healthy and that my newborn is getting enough to eat and growing." 

-- Anonymous (4/2018)


"Dana is outstanding. She is patient, personable, and knowledgeable."

-- Randi, Hillsborough (3/2018)

"Dana was wonderful to work with. She was kind and understanding. I was having feeding problems with my older baby and she helped me put a plan together to get things back on track. She also put my mind at ease that things weren't as bad as I thought."

-- Anonymous (3/2018)


"Dana was amazing. She made me comfortable and calmed my nerves and anxiety about breastfeeding. She showed me new techniques that have made a huge difference in my ability and confidence to breastfeed my baby. She was amazing!

-- Anonymous (2/2018)



"Dana helped me discover the reason for my nursing troubles and helped me resolve the issues. I am very grateful!" 

-- Kara, High Bridge (12/2017)


"I had an excellent experience with Dana. She made me feel very comfortable and took the time to take my and my daughter's medical history, and to address my concerns with breastfeeding. She was patient and gave very helpful tips. She followed up after and has been a help with having the service covered through my insurance. I highly recommend her. " 

-- Natasha, Hillsborough (12/2017)

"As a new mom who is still nervous, Dana had such great patience with me and my son. She took the time to show us techniques correctly."

-- Jessica, Basking Ridge (10/2017)

"It was a very laid back yet educational experience that left me feeling more confident."

-- Lorien, Branchburg (10/2017)

"Consulting with Dana helped me feel much more prepared for breastfeeding prior to giving birth. I have a sense of confidence for the "golden hour" and look forward to those first hours of bonding with my baby."

-- Beth, Clinton (10/2017)

"Dana was a lifesaver and made me feel so much better when my baby was slow to gain weight. She noticed a tongue tie on my son and was able to provide recommendations for a pediatric dentist to clip that tie that same visit. We had the tie clipped two days later and nursing and weight gain has gone so much better! Dana's calm demeanor and wealth of information were both so appreciated and I am forever grateful!"

-- Erin, Hillsborough (10/2017)

"Dana was, as my husband put it, "The sun at the end of the tunnel." After failing to breastfeed our first child and depending on formula to feed her, when our second child arrived, we were adamant in not allowing ourselves to be easily discouraged by medical professionals and repeat history. As we watched our son struggle to breastfeed only four days after being born, my husband found Dana's services. By some miracle of God, she was available the day we called, arrived and within the hour, evaluated the possible issues and solutions for our situation. We were left feeling pure relief and gratitude for her expertise and kindness in wanting to assist us. Today, only a few days after meeting with her, my son has been diagnosed and treated for tongue tie and is latching better and better every breastfeeding session. Dana was a godsend for our family, we will forever be grateful for her skillset and will forever recommend her services to all who might be feeling as helpless as we were."

-- Gema, Flemington (10/2017)

"Dana was a pleasure to work with and kept my spirits high and positive."  -- Anonymous (10/2017)

"My experience was AMAZING! It was a rought first night home getting my newborn to latch. I didn't have trouble at the hospital but as soon as we got home, I found both my son and I getting frustrated quickly. Finally, after hours of screaming the first night home, I went online to look for someone to help. I emailed Branchburg Lactation at 3am and was contacted just hours later the next morning. Dana came by and we had a positive, helpful, stress-free session where she worked with my son and me to figure things out. She is thorough and professional, in a warm and easy to talk to manner. Any that is having questions, doubts, or just looking for reassurance that you are doing things right - you will not be disappointed."

-- Amy, Flemington (9/2017)


"Dana was very warm, kind, and professional. Although we are still trying to figure out some of my daughter's breastfeeding issues, Dana was able to assist me with some of the more obvious issues we were having. I would definitely recommend Dana."

-- Stephanie, Bound Brook (9/2017)

"She was able to see us very quickly after the initial contact and was able to answer all my questions and get rid of any doubts. She put together a plan of action for us which is amazing. She assured me of her continued support through email or phone whenever I will need her."

-- Patrycja, Somerset (9/2017)

"Thanks for all the help! I'm feeling much better about breastfeeding and am less overwhelmed than I was before."

-- Nicole, Bridgewater (9/2017)


"Dana is so wonderful and really helpful. She is so easy to talk to and put my mind at ease. She helped me come up with a plan to manage my oversupply and helped with my daughter's latch."

-- Roxanne, Branchburg (9/2017)

"Dana is very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with breastfeeding."

-- Joanna, South Plainfield (8/2017)

"I was fairly anxious about this visit -- because it's difficult for me to ask for help, I didn't want to feel pressured about breastfeeding being the "only way," and I didn't know what the response to my concerns would be. I was 100% immediately at ease with Dana. Dana provided objective information, her opinion when appropriate, incredibly positive support, and a solid plan for moving forward. For much of motherhood, as a first-time mother with a history of worrying, I have felt like whatever it is that's "wrong" is my fault. After this visit, I felt empowered and confident. What a welcome -- and long overdue -- relief! I'm so grateful I made this decision to finally reach out for help."

-- Kate, Somerville (8/2017)


"I was extremely impressed by Dana's knowledge and advice. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing a lactation consultant."

-- Alex, Clinton (7/2017)

"I think my daughter and I have some ways to go to establish breastfeeding and ensure appropriate weight gain, but with Dana's help, we are on the right track."

-- Diana, Milford (7/2017)

"Thank you so much for helping me today. For the first time since she's been born, I have a sense of confidence and am able to breathe and relax a little. I am also SO relieved knowing I don't have to be a slave to the pump and I can successfully have this feeding and bonding time with her. It means so much to me."  

-- Corey, Flemington (7/2017)

"I am absolutely thrilled with Dana. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and courteous. Such a relief to work with someone so in tune."

-- Sara, Pittstown (7/2017)

"I am so thankful for Dana! I reached out for help with breastfeeding my 5 week old son. She came to my home, explained everything in detail, answered all my questions, helped with breastfeeding and was extremely kind, patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!"

-- Marysol, Somerset (7/2017)

"Loved her! I can't wait for another visit!"

-- Jenna, Bridgewater (5/2017) 


"I was very pleased with Dana's professionalism and expertise. She made me feel more confident in my ability to breastfeed and provided tips that have significantly impacted the amount of milk my son was able to take in. He has put on the weight he had lost and is sticking to his feeding schedule since meeting with Dana. I highly recommend her for any breastfeeding issues."

-- Sara, Somerville (3/2017)


"Dana made me feel very comfortable and was incredibly knowledgeable. I look forward to working with her to resolve my breastfeeding issues."

-- Grace, Whitehouse Station (2/2017)


"My visit was a prenatal appointment so I have not utilized any of the tools we spoke about yet but it was very informative and gave me the information I feel I need to start breastfeeding successfully."

-- Hilary, Basking Ridge (2/2017)


"I can tell Dana will be an excellent resource and I appreciate that she was able to get to me so quickly when I called!"

-- Jenn, Lebanon (2/2017)


"Dana was great and knowledgable. She was very patient and thorough." -- Bianca, Watchung (1/2017)


"Dana was so helpful and wonderful to work with!"

-- Allison, Bridgewater (1/2017)


"It was a very nice experience that eliminated a lot of anxiety about breastfeeding issues we were experiencing."

-- Leigh Ann, Whitehouse Station (1/2017)


"She is encouraging and makes you feel comfortable."

-- Anonymous (11/2016)

"Dana helped me 2 years ago when I was having a lot of pain breastfeeding my son. She was able to detect a potential lip tie and pointed me in the direction of a pediatric dentist. The dentist corrected the lip tie and my nursing become pain free. So when nursing my newborn twins suddenly become painful after two weeks, I immediately called Dana. She ruled out any latch issues and recommended I seek treatment from my doctor for a nipple infection. My doctor confirmed this and I am currently being treated. My pain is already going away and I am able to continue nursing. I wouldn't have been able to keep breastfeeding both times without Dana's help in addressing the problem. I would recommend her to anyone experiencing difficulty with breastfeeding."

-- Becky, Stockton (11/2016)


"Our newborn son was having a lot of trouble with breastfeeding in the hospital and at home. It was frustrating for him and for us (his parents). We had amazing nurses and numerous lactation consultations at the hospital which were helpful, but none of them were as helpful and productive, nor put us at ease, like our visit from Dana. Her positive demeanor and thoughtful advice and encouragement was exactly what we needed. Thanks, Dana!"

-- Lauren and Pete, Montville (9/2016)

"Thanks for all your help, Dana. Your support really has made such a difference. I'll keep you posted as we go but I think we're off to a good start and things seem to be getting a little easier each day."

-- Beth, Basking Ridge (9/2016)

"I know you feel you did nothing but I just needed that person who knew what they were doing to coach me through. Plus, I was just nervous and needed someone there. As supportive as my husband is, he just doesn't know or understand. So thank you, I know you felt did you nothing but you really helped me."

-- Amanda, Lebanon (8/2016)

"Dana is very knowledgeable and realistic when it comes to breastfeeding, latching and milk supply. She was very helpful with getting my baby to latch and encouraging."

-- Melissa, Manville (7/2016)

"Thank you so much for yesterday. I can't tell you how empowered and positive about this whole thing I was after you left! I have had so many good latches today. It was awesome! It is fun to see both baby and me learning together."

-- Chrissie, Bridgewater (6/2016)

"Dana is a wonderful teacher and coach when it comes to breastfeeding. She helped instill confidence in me that my little one is latching adn getting the hang of feeding. She showed me simple ways to identify a good latch and easy techniques to ensure my baby isn't 'falling asleep at the wheel.' After just one session, I already feel more confident and able to provide my baby a positive, less stressed eating environment."

-- Keri, Bridgewater (5/2016)

"Dana was extremely supportive and shared information on topics I wouldn't have even thought to ask about. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is facing issues with breastfeeding or who just needs some reassurance and tips for improving your breastfeeding experience." -- Rebecca, Somerville (5/2016)

"So helpful and encouraging!"

-- Kasey, Stockton (4/2016)

"Dana made the visit very comfortable and I was able to utilize her advice and tips immediately with success. She was knowledgeable and assured me that I was not the only person experiencing similar concerns. Overall, it was a great experience and very helpful."

-- Anonymous (4/2016)

"Dana was thorough, professional and helped resolve some initial concerns about nursing. I will continue to work with her after the baby arrives if I have any concerns or challenges."

-- Anonymous (3/2016)

"Dana was extremely supportive and knowledgeable."

-- Laura, Hillsborough (3/2016)

"Very knowledgeable! Dana was attentive and patient and ensured all my questions were answered during our session. She provided me with the reassurance I needed to continue breastfeeding."

-- Anonymous (3/2016)

"I am so happy that I reached out to Dana last week when my daughter was a week old, due to the difficulty I had getting my daughter latched on after my milk came in. It was heartbreaking at first, because I wanted that bonding time with my daughter and I didn't want to resort to solely pumping. Dana was extremely professional, compassionate and very easy to talk to. She allowed my sister to videotape the session so that my husband was able to watch and learn ways to support me. Dana doesn't rush the learning process for mom or baby and she is extremely knowledgeable about techniques for success. She suggested a nipple shield as a good transitional tool from the bottle my daughter was getting used to and the breast. It has worked wonders! Dana also offered to come back this week because I felt my daughter may not be getting enough milk with the use of the shield. Dana was able to determine that she was by using a special scale and giving me more suggestions on keeping her awake during the feedings and feeding her more frequently if necessary. She gave me tips for when my daughter is cranky and not necessarily hungry. Dana was also able to provide me guidance on laryngeal stridor which she said my daughter may have due to her squeakiness during feedings. After my husband and I read more, we too think she may have it. Again, this shows Dana's expertise. Overall, I would highly recommend Dana! I will be emailing and calling her in the future when I have questions or concerns. I would not hesitate to make another in home appointment if needed."

-- Jacqueline, Somerville (3/2016)

"Thank you so much for being so flexible scheduling our appointment. We really appreciated you giving us advice on how to introduce the bottle to Reagan. I will definitely be recommending you to friends!"

-- Jill, Bridgewater (3/2016)

"Dana was thorough, professional and helped resolve some initial concerns about nursing. I will continue to work with her after the baby arrives if I have any concerns or challenges."

-- Anonymous (3/2016)

"Excellent service. Willingness to research more to help solve the issues we have."

-- Anonymous (3/2016)

"It was a very pleasant experience. Dana offered suggestions without being pushy. I would certainly recommend her to anyone needing a little advice or struggling with breastfeeding."

-- Kate, Hillsborough (2/2016)

"Dana is so kind and didn't make me feel like I was being pressured to breastfeed, but she was genuinely concerned with finding the best fit and solution for me and my baby."

-- Anonymous (2/2016)

"Dana was professional, efficient and helpful!"

-- Anonymous (1/2016)

"When I learned in the hospital that my newborn was tongue-tied, I was worried that we would have major problems with our breastfeeding relationship. I consulted with Dana following the frenotomy procedure and our meeting was so reassuring. She did a weighted feeding to determine that my son was transferring milk well in sufficient amounts, evaluated his latch and gave me some tips on how to improve it as well as some contacts for craniosacral therapy should I decide to go that route."

-- Keri, Basking Ridge (1/2016)


"I was upset that I couldn't get my daughter to latch. Dana was able to help me almost immediately. It was a pleasure!"

-- Morgan, Branchburg (12/2015)

"Dana was great! She had a thorough methodology and was very comprehensive in her interviewing style. She always allowed time for me to ask my questions and gave insightful, knowledgeable answers. I felt confident in her skills and teaching style. She was also excellent at responding to emails promptly and thoroughly."

-- Tessa, Montgomery (11/2015)

"Thank you for going above and beyond. You truly put me at ease and helped boost my confidence."

-- Shayne, Edison (11/2015)

"Thank you! You gave me peace of mind and provided tons of helpful information!"

-- Brienne, Whitehouse Station (11/2015)

"Dana was very knowledgeable and explained things very clearly. I definitely feel more prepared!"

-- Lori, Bridgewater (10/2015)

"Dana, thank you so much for helping Emma and me this morning. She latched wonderfully at my last feeding about an hour ago on both sides with minimal pain. Woo hoo! Your tips have been so helpful already! Thanks for all the links as well. I will be in touch with our progress!"

-- Christina, Hillsborough (10/2015)

"I thought Dana was extremely helpful and I enjoyed the one on one consultation. She genuinely seemed like she was interested in assisting me with the difficulties I've been having and it was very educational. I learned a lot from her visit. She was great!"

-- Courtney, Somerset (9/2015)

"We had a wonderful breastfeeding consultation!"

-- Lauren, Montgomery (9/2015)

"Breastfeeding is very challenging but is going much smoother with Dana's insight and advice. It was also a plus that Dana comes to your house! As a new mom, it's tough to get out."

-- Anonymous (8/2015)

"Thank you so much for coming over yesterday. I am so thankful to have you as a resource! I have been using the "relaxed" laid back position since you came and I am so much more comfortable nursing and don't feel like I'm tied to my nursing pillow anymore!"

-- Laura, Flemington (7/2015)

"I wanted to write to say thank you for your help! We have been doing great. Elijah is latching well and my pain is gone!"

-- Kelly, Somerset (7/2015)

"So happy to have found someone knowledgeable and nearby to support my nursing goals. All the information Dana shared helped put me at ease and aided in promoting a comfortable nursing relationship with my daughter."

-- Melissa, Flemington (6/2015)

"Dana, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help these past weeks. I'm finally clicking with my baby girl and it's so much easier now. I really owe you big time for being such an amazing resource and never ending support. Thank you!!!!!!"

-- Heather, Raritan (5/2015)

"My experience with Dana was wonderful. She was very supportive and provided a listening ear. Her counseling and plan was clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Dana."

-- Jessica, Basking Ridge (4/2015)

"I just wanted to thank Dana for helping me this week and thank you to everyone who recommended her to me! She was amazing! Once again thank you again for everything!"

-- Laura, Bridgewater (4/2015)

"Dana is awesome! She gave me so much really good information and a plan of action to help me with my lactation issues. She's super responsive via email as well since I have a thousand questions all the time. I would recommend her to anyone in need!"

-- Heather, Raritan (4/2015)

"Dana was wonderful. She was informative and very helpful. I definitely felt more confident with breastfeeding after her visit!"

-- Krystal, Milford (3/2015)

"Dana was amazing! She not only helped me with feeding issues but was also very knowledgeable about improving supply and was very encouraging. I would recommend her services to anyone having issues with breastfeeding."

-- Eryn, Glen Gardner (3/2015)

"She was wonderful! Felt like I was meeting with a friend! I loved that she was able to come into my home as well. It really helped me feel even more comfortable!"

-- Kris, Bridgewater (2/2015)

"Dana was great! Very informative and confident in her knowledge and ability. I felt comfortable immediately with Dana. She also followed up with a well thought out care plan and lots of resources to help me. I would highly recommend Dana to every woman I know!"

-- Lindsay, Hillsborough (2/2015)

"Dana's in-home consultation was fantastic. She immediately made me feel comfortable and was incredibly knowledgeable. My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner! I highly recommend her services to anyone who has any breastfeeding concerns."

-- Kim, Whitehouse Station (1/2015)

"Dana was kind, patient and thoughtful during our entire session. When my dog began to bark at my breast pump, she was even able to calm him down."

-- Teryn, Raritan (1/2015)

"Dana was able to fit us in right away to help with our breastfeeding issues. She shared materials and resources with us that could be helpful later and makes herself available to answer questions that may come up later."

-- Anonymous (1/2015)


"I worked with Dana this past week and am so happy I reached out to her when I was having pain with nursing! She came over to my house in the middle of a snowstorm and spent an hour going through different methods of relief and things to try. Within a couple of hours after our consultation, she emailed my treatment plan and links to more information. It really helped to have that one on one consultation vs. calling the hospital lactation consultants. Thanks Dana!"

-- Megan, Bridgewater

"My baby is now 3 months old and is perfectly latched. It did take some time after our last meeting but I trusted what you said about it taking a little time and I totally stuck it out. It's so beautiful, bonding and most importantly what's best for her. So, thank you again for all your support. It completely made a difference. "

-- Stacey, Basking Ridge

"Thank you!! It's great to get support from a knowledgeable, approachable source."

-- Anonymous

"Thanks very much, Dana. You are very helpful and knowledgeable and I'll definitely recommend you to others!"

-- Christy, Branchburg

"This was a great visit. I was already informed with most things but it was nice to hear I was doing everything right. Dana did give me info that I didn't know and it was very helpful."

-- Stephanie, Manville

"I finally feel like I've found the right lactation consultant after seeing another privately and at least 5 different ones in the hospital. "

-- Michelle, Bedminster

"Excellent experience. Dana was very knowledgeable and it was a great visit. She gave me a lot of different things to try and she answered all of my questions."

-- April, Bernardsville

"It was a great experience specially for the first time mom. It was also very nice of her to ask me if I have any additional related to baby care or myself postpartum. she did not limit her help to breastfeeding but offered additional information as well as followed up with info on the local support circles and La Leche League. Overall, it was a great experience." -- Anna, Lebanon

"The good news is that breast-feeding is completely pain-free now. What a world of difference! Thank you so much for helping me to stick it out."

-- Becky, Stockton

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